Our mission is inspired by our family…

"Generations ago there lived a very wise and kind philanthropist from the mountains outside of Kabul.

Farmers and townsmen alike traveled from afar to visit this Man to seek his help and guidance in all matters of affairs.

He was a well-respected philanthropist due to the fairness he displayed and the compassion he gave for his fellow brothers and sisters.

Whilst he didn’t have the official royal title of King, it was well known amongst the people that this Man embodied what it takes to be a great leader.

As the people’s King, he had captured the hearts of many because of his unwavering love for his motherland and for the people who nurtured and harvested the crops.

Generations on and we go forth in honor of our grandfather…

"Harris is an Afghan-born, British citizen who became enchanted back in 2018 by the amazing potential Saffron has to offer to the world.

We are in a unique position!

embracing his love,

embodying his strength and

enriching the lives of generations to follow."

He saw hope in the ‘flower that brings Joy’, to not only provide local Afghan farmers and their families prosperous opportunities but to also bring happiness to the minds of many. 

After seeing first-hand, the crippling effects of depression and then finding the light out to experience joyfulness again, he wants to help others who may still get lost in the dark. 

Harris is also on a personal mission to improve the lives of generations to come, for kids who have grown up in a war-torn country, to gift to them the opportunities which he has been so blessed to receive and...

to put Afghanistan back on the map for its wonderful trade that brings Joy to the world.

Our Guiding Principles.


Having a peaceful and joyful mindset to positively influence those around us and inspire great action.


Commitment to our mission by trusting in the journey and believing in humanity.


Fostering a culture of joy by imparting kindness & building upon our strengths.

Our Journey...

We have been fortunate to have received amazing support and been able to collaborate with some wonderful organizations to make our mission become a reality.

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