It began with a chance meeting…

I remember this chance meeting like it was yesterday. A few days prior I had handed in my notice working as an IT sales director for a recruitment firm. The thought of working for someone else for the rest of life started to weigh heavily on me as I turned 30. I knew deep down inside that I wouldn’t be satisfied with my life if I wasn’t helping those who need it the most.

It was after a visit back to my motherland that brought a tear to my eye seeing the devastation of such a once beautiful country torn to ruins. This fueled my determination to do something and that is why King of Saffron was born.

Sitting on the plane, all I had was a vision but not a single idea on how to execute it. I just knew that no matter what, I was here to help my fellow people live a life of freedom. After all, everybody in this world deserves a life full of joy and love and unfortunately in this current age, most of our world population are deprived of these basic life fundamentals for one reason or another.

Ever since I was a young boy, I have been very grateful for the opportunities I have been given here in the UK. Fearless and with boundless joyful energy, I see the world as my playground, and I believe so should others. So, thinking about this whilst waiting to take off I had a restlessness that caught the attention of the man sitting next to me.

Throughout the flight, the man asked me how I was doing, which lead me to share my story and my vision for wanting to put Afghanistan on the map for its trade and not war. This prompted the man to reveal that he worked at Aston Business School and he was able to point me in the right direction to begin the next steps on my journey.

Heading in the right direction…

In November 2018 I was put in touch with CWLEP Growth Hub, where I met Gavin who hands-down has been instrumental in helping me to convert my vision into reality.

Gavin got me in front of the Department of International Trade who equipped me with the necessary documentation required to start trading with specific countries, as well as advice on which countries to target first.

Again, the support and advice I have since received from DIT as well, has been invaluable.

CWLEP Growth Hub -which is part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund as well as Coventry City Council and Warwickshire County Council - was also able to introduce me to the University of Warwick Science Park’s Business Ready Programme, which has unlocked contacts in the manufacturing sector to make the end-product a reality.

It seemed like fate with all these connections happening one after another, receiving the right advice at the right time and guiding me to the next logical step organically.

I know for most people the thought of setting up any sort of business let alone a global trading business can be a daunting idea. But after experiencing first-hand the amazing services on offer from The Growth Hub, I realise there is a lot of people who are willing to help.

Taking my idea and turning it into a solid business plan in ten months wouldn’t have been as fun than if I tried to do it all alone and no doubt would have taken at least twice as long.

Having Gavin and the team at The Growth Hub behind me through this part of the journey also kept me motivated and focused during moments of self-doubt.

My recommendation for those with an idea is a simple one…

Share your vision with people who can help point you in the right direction and never be afraid to follow even if it’s outside of your comfort zone. You never know where it may lead you.

Go forth and share your vision.

From the one and only King (of Saffron).

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