Our Journey So Far...

2019 was the year for setting up the foundations and putting the long-term structure in place directly with the Afghan farmers.

We recognise that our mission is a big one and we know we can’t achieve the impact we seek by working alone, which is why collaboration is so important to us.

Our Partners...


Aston University

We are working with Aston University through their Smarterials program researching new ways for Saffron to be used as a functional material utilizing its medical benefits.

Endorsed By...


A non-political, non-governmental, non-profit humanitarian and developmental organization working to improve the lives of the Afghan people since 1984. Offering technical & governance support between us and the Afghan farmers.

Mr. Hashim Aslami (AKA. Father of Saffron)

We couldn't be more grateful to have Mr. Aslami as our wonderful advisor, helping us with our short, medium and long term strategy. Now working for the Ministry of Agriculture in Afghanistan and alongside DACAAR, Mr. Aslami was the man with a vision back in the early part of the1990s to transform Afghanistan agriculture to a sea of red-gold.

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